UC Irvine Health Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center (PERC) engages with the community to foster children’s health by encouraging physical activity and healthy nutrition through various programs and activities.

Clinic in the Park is pleased to share the creative and informational health education materials that PERC has created. We encourage our partners to download and share these materials with your patients and clients.

Simply click on one of the links below to view and download the flyer (pdf):

Learn about PERC

COVID-19 Poster

Diet Drinks and Diabetes (Spanish)

DIY Low Sugar Drinks

The Effects of Early Exposure to Nicotine

The Effects of Secondhand Smoke

The Effects of Vaping on the Brain

Vaping and Cancer

Vaping (Nicotine Addiction – English)

Vaping (Nicotine Addiction – Spanish)

Vaping vs Cigarettes