About Clinic in the Park

Clinic in the Park works with more than 75 community partners to connect families in Orange County’s most vulnerable communities to trusted health, safety and community resources.

Upcoming Events at Click in the Park

Clinic in the Park hosts Family Health Expos across Orange County, as well as Parent Workshops and Train-the-Trainer sessions.

Volunteer for Clinic in the Park

Our amazing volunteer team of doctors, nurses, students and health educators are making a real difference in the lives of Orange County’s at-risk children!

Donate to Clinic in the Park

Your tax-deductible donation helps ensure that every child, regardless of their zip code, has access to quality health care and essential safety equipment.

2019 Impact Report

2019 Impact Outcomes

Clinic in the Park had a tremendous year helping our community. Take a look at the impact we made for children and families.

Full Report

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