About Clinic in the Park

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Founded in 2011, Clinic in the Park: One‐Stop Shop for Health is a volunteer pediatrician‐led project of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), national CATCH Program – Community Access to Child Health, and Orange County Pediatricians.


The Clinic in the Park’s mission is to establish innovative community-based one‐stop-shop‐for‐health model of health promotion. The Clinic in the Park is a transformative replicable strategy to integrate community health into the health care system, and ultimately improve health outcomes and decrease costs.

We target underserved children and their families, who generally do not have access to services. The Clinic services are free and offered on a Sunday when families are generally off work. Our long-term vision is to create a permanent community health and wellness center.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of physicians, dentists, nurses, dietitians, audiologists, occupational therapists, health educators, and public health professionals, representing over 35 community organizations, academic, public and private organizations, foundations, volunteer health professionals, students and sponsors dedicated to quality health care.


  • Provide Orange County children and families free or low-­‐cost access to health services in community-­‐ based settings via existing private and public programs, with special attention to local implementation of the Affordable Care Act. (Connections to community resources and enrollment in health insurance and other public benefit programs; Safety net health screens, health promotion tools and strategies.)

  • Provide a venue(s) where community health organizations, as well as public, private and academic institutions/organizations and individuals collaborate to provide services in a fixed location at a fixed time, accessible to the community.
  • Develop the Clinic in the Park as a sustainable integral community service to achieve a collective impact on individual and community health. (Replicable Model)


In just 2 years with phased implementation, 16,641 visitors (all ages) received 34,591 discrete services, which included many who only wanted to “chat” with our doctors and other health professionals. Examples of services/screenings included 3,326 connection to health insurance and other income eligible services; 840 dental services (0-­‐17 years); 479 hearing screening; 1,920 healthy eating chats/BMI; 2,904 early literacy/books; 4,538 child safety tools/strategies. Fresh produce was provided to visitors from local farmers and more recently the Farm Adventure Tour was implemented. Visitors are 35% Hispanic and 55% from under-served communities.

To learn more about Clinic in the Park, read or download our 2015 Annual Report.